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What Our Property Owners Say

“It is my sincere pleasure to provide my highest endorsement of XILA Property Management to any prospective new client. I have personally employed XILA as my property manager for over 15 years. They have managed all forms of property for me personally; from individual condos and houses, to larger apartment buildings.
Over the years I have encountered almost every possibility that an owner can encounter in the course of owning rental property. XILA has provided the highest level of service and response I could ask for. In addition, I am a REALTOR by occupation and I have co-founded one of the largest private real estate companies in Metro San Diego. I am exposed to many different business models on a daily basis, which has served to only reinforce the excellence I currently have with XILA.”

-Ken P, San Diego

“…a friend in Florida mentioned Xila. From the first communications, they were so helpful and professional. They found a long term tenant at a great rental fee. Their maintenance staff kept in constant contact when appliances, A/C, lights etc. broke and had to be repaired. The elderly tenant needed extra attention and she got it from Xila. I received accountant style monthly statements explaining everything as well as punctual rental checks. They also helped me with my taxes on the unit. In other words, for the reasonable management fee, Xila went above and beyond and made my five year condo rental painless. Many of my property owner friends suffer through tenant problems. I had none with Xila on the job.”

-Don V., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“These guys are great. They do what’s necessary when you need them and don’t do unnecessary work to add cost. We have been using them for over a year to maintain our property in Golden Hill and are very pleased. Well worth the money, and when we shopped around all of the property management companies charged about the same, but these seemed by far the best. So far they have proven to be great!”

-Bradley S, San Diego

“We could not be happier with Xila Property Management. They have taken all of the stress and angst out of renting our condo. Their service is impeccable and they truly care about their clients. Receiving payment from our renters and addressing any concerns has been seamless. Thank you Xila management for your care and attention to your clients. The team at Xila Property Management has been fantastic. They rented our Pacific Beach condo in a single week at an excellent price to a reliable tenant.”

-Erin F, Pacific Beach

“I had a great experience with XILA, first as a tenant and then as a landlord. Nice people and very professional. I would recommend them to anyone!”

-Jennifer W, Alexandria, VA

“My wife and I are very busy and the management staff (at Xila) has fielded all tenant inquiries (ranging from installing a new lock on the front door to fixing the stove) efficiently and professionally. They are real pros and easy to deal with, we would recommend them highly.”

-Damon F, San Diego

“Xila manages all of my apartments. I have been with them for years and continue to be confident that they deal with me and with my tenants honestly and capably. Emailed financial reports and an Owner Portal that allows me access to my information even when the office is closed are very helpful. These guys are very professional.”

-Don M, San Diego

“I’ve used Xila Management for over 10 years to manage my rental properties in San Diego. Everyone at the office has exceeded my expectations in all aspects of the management process. They have been extremely friendly and professional to deal with. All my concerns get addressed in a very timely manner and get handled appropriately. Their management of the rentals has been very efficient and they maintained the properties and all the dealings with the renters extremely well. In my opinion they set the standards on how a management company should conduct their business. It’s been a pleasure being a part of their family. Thanks!”

-Dr. Mo B, San Diego


“There was a level of care put forth by Xila that is exceptional for any property management company…The day to day maintenance of our building was great. The theme is pay your rent on time and expect exceptional service from the Xila team. You get what you give. With that I would highly recommend Xila.”

-Cindy P, San Diego

“Xila was a breath of fresh air. Brad worked with me when I found my perfect place on their website before it was available, answering all my calls, setting up meetings for me to come in and even showing me the place.
Move in was quick and easy, I had next day service for two small maintenance requests in a year, and a serious pro is auto-payment that other rental services don’t have.
I would have stayed in my little place of heaven but had to move to Hawaii, and my move out was just as personal and supportive. Barbara set up a pre-walk through to give me all tips to receive my whole deposit back, which definitely helped with the final walk through. They offered extra time to help me which is uncanny really.
As cheesy as it sounds, go with professionals, go with Xila.”

-Courtney S, Honolulu, HI

“My company rented office space from Xila for roughly 10 years, and we had a terrific relationship. When we had any maintenance issues, they had them repaired as soon as possible. The owners were friendly, patient, and understanding–rare qualities in landlordsI I was (and am) simply amazed at their level of compassion and generosity.
To those that had bad experiences: I hold Xila in such high regard, I feel like you’re talking about a totally different company. Well, that’s my two cents. I hope it helps someone make a more informed decision.”

-Mike M, Los Angeles

“We rented a beautiful house through Xila Property Management …for 2 years. They were always available and courteous. We received our full deposit within 2 weeks after leaving with a thank you note for taking such good care of the property. How often does that happen? :)”

-Terri T, Jamul, CA

“All good experiences with Xila. I thoroughly cleaned my rental upon move out and Xila returned my entire deposit. Awesome. This did not happen with my previous rental, which … charged crazy amounts for BS cleaning. Thanks Xila!”

-Justin G, San Diego

“Lived in a XILA property for 7 years, and couldn’t have been more satisfied with their service. Friendly non-invasive and attentive to service calls, thank you so much XILA.”

-Ismael F.

“I rented from Xila for nearly 2 years and loved their service! I paid my rent early or on time each month and they treated me like a top priority whenever I called.
Their maintenance staff even came out at 11 pm the day after Thanksgiving to save a fridge full of food and a house full of guests when our home was without electricity due to a blown fuse in our box.”

-Stephanie O.

“In all my years of renting I have never had a more professional renting company. They’re run exactly how you would want a renting company to run – personable, fair, and efficient. They were always there when I needed them, and when I really needed them, they went well beyond what was required. Excellent communication, too! Should anything break, they are right on it. They also don’t try to skimp on your security deposit when you leave. No hidden fees and I got it back in full, with no worries at all. I can’t recommend them enough!”

-Erin S.


“XILA Property Management is the perfect resident and commercial, highest quality full service property management company in San Diego! The owners are good natured and have built their proven business on years of hard work, high end professionalism and only employ an experienced team that pride themselves on detail and prompt responsiveness to the property owners and tenants alike. Their book keeping methods are virtually flawless and stand out from other companies in this department as well. I WOULD GIVE 5+++ STARS TO THIS COMPANY and if you own a single unit or are a multi property owner and thinking of making a change, I would definitely stop by and meet this great team and see how they can help your investment dollars grow with the newest technology combined with old fashioned service and know how !!!”

-Helen S., RE/MAX Coastal Properties

“You all are very professional and terrific at what you do. If in the future I have a request for a management company recommendation there will only be one company I will recommend Xila.”

-Rich Moore, Coldwell Banker